Club fees 2018


Altrincham Swimming Club Annual Membership Fee.


These are payable to Altrincham Swimming Club in January.

Fees are payable in January along with annual ASA membership fees.


First family member                                    £56.00

Second family member                               £50.00

Third and subsequent family members      £44.00



ASA Fees


Category 1 £16.10*

Category 2 £33.40*

*These fees include a regional fee of £5.50 and a county fee of £1.


Category 1 ASA members do not compete in open competitions (but can compete in certain intra club galas other than the Arena league) whilst Category 2 membership is required if a swimmer will be participating in open licensed competitions such as the Greater Manchester Age Group Championships.


Membership and ASA fees are payable in January. It is easier for us administratively to keep track of ASA and membership payments if made by cheque so we would be grateful if you could bring your cheque and must be paid by the end of January each year. Our membership secretary, will be in touch with each member directly to confirm the amount payable.



Monthly Coaching Fees


Coaching fees are payable to Altrincham Swimming Club by standing order. Please be aware if a swimmer moves group the amount must be altered by the next payment after commencement of swimming in new group. For group swimming times Click Here


Development 1           £25

Development 2           £30


Junior 1                      £30

Junior 2                      £42


Senior 1                      £26

Senior 2                      £28

Senior 3                      £40


Competition               £46

County                        £49

Regional                     £49


Manchester                £10 



Free swimming in out of training times.


Our members can also benefit from free swimming in Trafford’s leisure centres outside of club training times. In order to benefit from this you will need to complete the a registration form which must be signed and authorised by your swimmer’s coach to validate that they are a current swimming club member. The form must then be handed in at the leisure centre reception. The pass will be valid for a period of 12 months, after this time the swimmer will need to apply again and get their new application form validated again. The form can be obtained through a committee member.