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Workshops Kate is looking into putting some workshops on with information that will be useful for both swimmers and parents.  The first one is on the subject of Girls, Puberty & Swimming as she's had lots of questions on the subject.

There will be information from Kate during the session, from some of the older female swimmers and also from a medical point of view.

The idea would be to have it as a recorded session that could be accessed at the time or in the future.

If anyone has any questions on the subject that they would like answered or have more information on during the session, could you please email Kate at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will include these.
Long Course Training A quick reminder that, due to an event at Manchester Aquatics Centre, there is no long course training this Sunday 19th September 2021.  Please feel free to join the Club Run at Wythenshawe Park instead! Long Course training returns on Sunday 26th September 2021 at 11am and will then be on every Sunday up to (and including) Sunday 31st October 2021.
Club Run A reminder that this Sunday is our inaugural Club Run and we'd love it if you'd join us in this.  It's not just for swimmers - the whole family can join in or feel free to bring a friend.  We're hoping it will become a weekly event for a social meet up, as well as some added land training.

There was an issue that may have affected the previous link sent if you tried to sign up, so the updated link is below:

It's free to take part, but the organisers need details of participants for insurance purposes.

There's a 2K and a 5K options - so it's suitable for all ages and abilities.  If you're taking part and have some ASC kit, please wear it.

We will meet on Sunday 19th September 2021 at Wythenshawe Running Track at 8:45am. Postcode for SatNav is M23 0PH.

Please note - the club can take no responsibility for your child on the day but Kate will be milling around as a friendly face. 

We look forward to seeing you there.
Update We are 10 days into the new programme and we are really pleased with how the swimmers are adapting. We are excited to see the swimmers grow over the next few months.  

New Members & Trials
A warm welcome to our new members, we have had a few more join this week.  We hope you will enjoy settling into club life!! 
The club is now at a point where we will not be doing any more swimming trials until the end of the year. Thanks to everyone who helped recommend us to new members. 

Squad 1 Land Training
Tom has set up a great land training programme and the swimmers in Squad 1 have been working really hard.  There's quite a lot of work to do to build strength and stability and Tom is focusing on teaching the swimmers the movement patterns and good technique.  

Tom has developed a pre pool routine for Squad 1 to complete before each session.  We've produced a video that swimmers can use as a prompt to remember the exercises and how to do them. The link to view this is here:

To support the land training programme and ultimately the swim programme, we would  also like Squad 1 swimmers to spend 5 minutes each morning to complete 20 press ups, 20 squats and 20 crunches.  We will very quickly see the benefit of this work.  Your commitment will pay off, we promise. 

Squad 1a Long Course Training
Reminder from Dan that there is no session on Sunday 19 September due to an event at Manchester Aquatics Centre

Club Run
As we are unable to offer land training to all squads, I'm keen to set up a regular club run.  The first run will be on Sunday 19 September and we will meet at Wythenshawe Running Track at 8:45am. We will take part in the new weekly Wythenshawe Community Run which starts at 9am each Sunday and is free to all.  There is a 2k or 5k loop.  This is a social meet up - so we encourage swimmers to come down with friends, siblings and parents and enjoy the run.  Wear some Alty kit so we can spot you easily.  The run is free but for insurance purposes Wythenshawe Community Run ask you to fill in the following form before attending -

Please note - the club can take no responsibility for your child on the day but Kate will be milling around as a friendly face. 

We've noticed the number of spectators creeping up at sessions - please respect our attempts to keep mixing to a minimum.  We are happy to allow a very limited number of spectators via prior arrangement (extenuating circumstances, unsettled swimmer etc) but this must be with prior agreement from the coach. 

On a Sunday could Squad 5 parents please wait outside the fire exit of the small pool to collect the swimmers at 6:15pm and not come onto the poolside through the front door as last night there were too many people in the pool hall for our risk assessment which is agreed with the leisure centre. 

Fundraising - Manchester Marathon Marshals Sunday 10 October 2021
As you will know, the club is trying to catch up financially due to the effects of Covid, so we are fielding a team to marshal Manchester Marathon/Half Marathon on Sunday 10 October - we will get a donation from the organiser for each person who volunteers.  We are hoping to be positioned in the Timperley area, as long as we can recruit enough people.  It's a fun day watching all the runners but you do need to be ok for an early start!  But swimmers are good at those 😂 

Please register here (even if you have already told Kate you would like to help out)

If we can get 20 volunteers that would be fantastic. 

If you are able to sign up for this, please could you do this urgently - preferably in the next couple of days, but definitely before the coming weekend please.

Goodbye and Thank You to Lucy Robinson
We'd like to say a huge thank you to Lucy who has been a brilliant asset to the club both as a swimmer and recently as a coach.  Lucy is an absolute joy to have around the club. You will remember her contributions to the Squad Zooms and she's been a Level 2 coach across most of the squads over the last year.  This week is Lucy's last week with us before she packs her bags and heads off to the University of Sheffield to study Politics.  We know she will be amazing. Good luck Lucy! 

Hopefully you have made it to the bottom of this email - these will get shorter as things settle down! 

Have a good week, 

Kate and the Coaching Team
Training Changes Good news! As the leisure centre is slowly returning to normal we are delighted to inform you that the swimmers will be able to access the changing rooms before and after swimming from Tuesday 7 September.  Due to the current reduced opening / closing times of the leisure centre, this won't apply to all sessions, so please read the following carefully so you / your swimmer know what is happening for each of their sessions.

We have been asked to use the male and female changing areas, rather than using the group/family change. Please brief your swimmer about appropriate behaviour in the changing rooms. We do understand that the new found freedom might be exciting but we are representing the club at all times and swimmers must show respect to the public areas of the leisure centre.

Midweek sessions
From Tuesday 7th September, swimmers should be dropped off and picked up at the front of the building rather than using the side and back doors. Please note the leisure centre closes at 9:30pm so please ensure you encourage swimmers to dress quickly after later sessions.

Weekend mornings
Saturday 6 am & 7:30am - arrive beach ready and enter via the side door. Swimmers can use the changing rooms after these sessions and leave via the front door. 

Squad 3&4: Saturday 5:15pm-6:45pm - swimmers arrive via the front door and can use the changing rooms. They must bring everything with them onto the poolside. After the session, swimmers must dress quickly (on poolside) as we need to lock up and vacate the building by 7pm. They will leave via the side door.

All squads: Sunday evening 
For sessions starting before 6pm - enter through the front door, use the changing rooms and bring all your belongings onto the poolside. Please pick up from the side door (main pool) or back door (small pool). 

For sessions starting after 6pm - please enter through the side door where a changing room will be made available for swimmers, although it would help to arrive beach ready. Please pick up your swimmer from the side door (main pool) or back door (small pool).

Please can you arrive on time for your session rather than early as there is no space for groups to wait. 

Please pick up your swimmer on time as the coaches will be coaching and cannot look after swimmers left behind. Please do not leave siblings on poolside to wait for other siblings as the coaches cannot be responsible for their safety. 

We are keen to welcome spectators back to the poolside in the near future but we are mindful of keeping mixing to a minimum whilst we transition through the timetable changes. As soon as this changes we will let you know. 

Thanks for your understanding.  We are definitely making progress!

Best wishes 
New Club Training Timetable The new training timetable (from 1st September) can be found here.
Check Your Swimwear The Coaches have asked that all parents check their swimmer’s swimming costume / trunks / jammers please.  We know that it's easily missed at the moment as parents aren't able to attend training and see their swimmers in the pool.  As we’ve been out of the water for a long time, swimming costumes tend to degrade over time due to the chlorine in the pool and can start to become see through if they’re not replaced when this starts to happen.  Also, there are a number of swimmers who have grown considerably during lockdown, so if you could check their swimwear to make sure that it still fits and is still pool worthy, it would be greatly appreciated.
Welfare Officer We are always looking for volunteers and we are currently recruiting for a new Club Welfare Officer.  We have a male Welfare Officer who is experienced and continuing in the role, but it’s recommended that we have both a male and female Welfare Officer, so we’re looking for a female volunteer please.  If anyone is interested in taking on this role, please get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can give you more details of what’s involved.
Manchester Marathon Marshalling The Manchester Marathon and Half Marathon is taking place this year on 10th October 2021 and they are looking for volunteer marshalls for the event.  Volunteers earn money for the Club as the event organisers pay the Club for everyone that volunteers.  It’s a great event to take part in, Kate is planning to organise an ASC group of marshals.  If you’re interested in volunteering for this, please can you contact Kate This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will coordinate this.
Use of Masks Just a quick reminder that all secondary school age swimmers must wear masks when entering through the foyer of the leisure centre.

We've had some swimmers arriving without masks, so can you please ensure your swimmer arrives with their mask and remind them that they need to wear this until they get onto poolside.

This rule is a prerequisite that the leisure centre have specified and so we don't want to be in a position where we have to turn swimmers away from training because they can't enter the centre.
Swim England North West Update There are still placed available on the Swim England Young Volunteer Award course below.

Young Volunteers will be required to commit to 2 online sessions, and then complete all online work within 12 months.

November 2021 – click here to book your place
Self-Isolation Reporting If your swimmer needs to self-isolate, please let us know by completing our online form here.  This will ensure that the Coaches are aware which training sessions you cannot attend.
Kit Shop As we no longer have the facility for selling kit, if you're looking for any kit, please see the shop on our website, where the remaining stock is being sold. 
Judge 1 Qualification Please see the email sent out previously (copy here) regarding becoming a Level 1 Judge.  It would help greatly if you can get involved in this.  Remember - swimming is for life, not just for Christmas! - so if you're likely to be spending the next few years watching your child compete at galas, why not consider becoming an official.  If you're interested in getting qualified, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Lost Property Please remember that we have a Lost Property section on the website.  There have been a few things added to this recently, so, if your swimmer has lost anything during training sessions, please check this on our website or here.  
Volunteering Opportunities As always, we have several opportunities for you to get involved with the Club.  Full details of vacant volunteer roles within the Club is on the website.  
Medical Records Can you please ensure that any updates to Medical Records for swimmers are communicated to our Membership Secretary.
Fundraising by Shopping Please consider raising funds for our club via the Easy Fundraising online service. Shopping doesn't cost you a penny more, but as you make purchases online shops make a donation to the club. All you do is register (it's good to click the "Find & Remind" button) and start shopping. Please give it a go and encourage others to do so too – it's effectively free money to benefit the members of our club! Thank you.  More information is on the website, or via the link 
Free Swimming A reminder that as a member of Altrincham Swimming Club, swimmers are entitled to free swimming at Altrincham Leisure Centre. You will need to complete a form which needs to be signed by your coach. If you need a form please let our Club Secretary know at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Calendar For all the galas and events coming up, please click here
Club Contact For any queries or questions, please email us here

Dates for your Diary

For a full schedule of events refer to the calendar



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Self-Isolation Reporting


If your swimmer needs to self-isolate, please let us know by completing our online form here.

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