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Thank you for clicking on our Volunteering page - here you will find all the current Volunteering opportunities, both for general "admin" type roles and for swimming Officials.
The Club is run solely by Volunteers and, as a Club with a growing membership, more Volunteers are desperately needed to help spread the load and keep everything running smoothly.
Volunteers at who dedicate 10 hours per month or more of time to Altrincham Swimming Club, are given the opportunity to take up a free gym membership with Trafford Leisure.
If you are interested in helping the Club in any of the roles, or maybe have a talent that isn't covered in the opportunities, please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we would be very grateful.

Last updated 17 May 2022
Job TitleDescription
British Swimming Officials We are currently desperately short of qualified volunteers to help run our events at ASC.
The internal events we run at ASC, i.e. Pointscore, Club Champs etc. are currently run as ‘licensed’ events and this enables the times achieved at these events to be used when entering external galas, which in recent years has been a real ‘game-changer’ for the younger swimmers especially and is also very useful for the more experienced racers, as it gives them a much broader range of events to record PBs at.  They can then use these times to enter external galas, which will ensure they are put in the most competitive heats, to help them achieve even better times.
Historically we weren’t able to run our events licensed, which made it very difficult for younger swimmers to enter external galas, as most need licensed times for entry.  Very much a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario, but it meant that younger swimmers were reliant on the very few external galas that didn’t need licensed times to enter, in order to get onto the racing circuit.
In order to qualify for the license, these events need a minimum number of qualified race officials, and unfortunately as our race officials have left, we haven’t had more volunteers stepping forward to fill these roles and we now find ourselves with the very real possibility of no longer being able to license our events.
For example, we currently only have two volunteers qualified as a Referee and Starter, which is the minimum requirement.  This means that if either of them can’t make the event, this would be unlicensed and times achieved there wouldn't be recorded with Swim England and available to use when entering external galas.  We are also desperately short of Judge Level 1s.
We can’t afford to wait until we run out of volunteer officials, as it takes time to qualify, although things have been made easier as you can now do mentoring during training sessions (you couldn’t before, it always had to be at galas).  The course is theory online, followed by poolside practical sessions at both ASC and at external galas prior to a final assessment.
The Club will pay the Swim England and ASC Membership fees, but the Judge Level 1 course fee (£20) needs to be paid by the applicant … However, this is refundable once they have completed the online modules.
Here’s a link to the Judge Level 1 course
We ask that you please please consider training as a judge to enable our events to remain licensed.  You will be fully supported by the Club and there are others on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout the process.
As you know, our Club is run by volunteers and we would very much appreciate it if you could consider joining our numbers to help keep our events licensed.
If you are able to consider helping us with this – especially with the judging, but also if you’re interested in becoming a timekeeper, or you have any other questions regarding it, please can you email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..We are always in need of Swimming Officials to help at Club Galas and Pointscore; all our events are Licenced and this involves having a minimum number of Officials, at diffierent levels of qualification, at the events.  If you are interested in becoming a Swimming Official please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more ... we cannot run Licenced events without Officials so it is a good way to volunteer in a vital role without a "regular" commitment.
Chaperone A vital role attending poolside at external galas (where your own child(ren) is/are swimming) to work in a team of two in ensuring swimmers are sent to the gala's "Marshalling" area when requested to do so by the gala staff, and generally chaperone the Club's swimmers whilst poolside.
Announcer Are you a confident public speaker?  If so, this role is perfect for you!  We are in need of an Announcer for our home galas (Pointscore and Club Champs) - this involves being available for the whole session of the gala and making (scripted) announcements, using the microphone, throughout.  
More Opportunties More opportunities will be added shortly - keep checking back for more information


Young Volunteer Award

The current Young Volunteer Award scheme is now open for registrations - click the link below to go to the Young Volunteer Award Page.

 Young Volunteer Award



Galas and Pointscores simply cannot be held without Officials!
Whilst we do have quite a few qualified Officials, we need many more - at all levels.
If you are interested in becoming a British Swimming Official, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.
Last updated 17 May 2022
QualificationDetailsMinimum Age to Start Training
Timekeeper This is an introduction into the world of the swimming official. It covers the practical aspects of what is required of a timekeeper by means of a short online session followed by a practical assessment. 14
Judge Level 1 This is the first level of British qualification. It encompasses the role and duties of a Timekeeper, Chief Timekeeper, Inspector of Turns and Chief Inspector of Turns.

The initial theory modules of the Judge Level 1 course are completed online, with practical sessions to be undertaken once the theory modules have been completed.  The course fee is of £20 needs to be paid by the applicant, however this is refundable once they have completed the online modules.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

Full information on the format of the course/qualification process is available here.
Judge Level 2 This is the second level of qualification. It encompasses the role and duties in relation to all aspects of judging and the theoretical role and duties of Starter.  

Candidates must have already qualified as Judge Level 1 and have completed a minimum of 20 hours post qualification experience as Judge Level 1.  The training follows a similar format to that of Judge level 1 with formal instruction, mentored pool side training with workbook followed by a practical assessment.

When qualified, candidates will be attributed with the qualification Judge Level 2 on the British Swimming Database.
Judge Level 2S Candidates wishing to qualify as a Starter will be required hold the Judge Level 2 qualification and have completed a minimum of 20 hours post qualification experience as Judge Level 2.

Training will consist of a prescribed number of practical experiences as a Starter before undertaking a formal practical assessment.

Successful candidates will be attributed with the Starter qualification: Judge Level 2S
Referee The minimum age for training is 19 years, providing the candidate is aged 20 years as at 30 November in the year of the theory examination.

This course contains theoretical instruction and specified practical experiences. It is followed by a formal examination in November after which successful candidates take a final poolside practical assessment leading to qualification as a British Swimming Referee.

Several months have been allocated between registration and the formal examination to enable candidates to undertake all the practical experience required to complete the course as well as the theoretical instruction.

Application forms must be submitted by 31 December of the previous year to allow sufficient time for completion of training in preparation for the November examination.

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The object of the Pointscore competition is for swimmers to compete against their own times on a regular basis under competition conditions. This will allow them to challenge for places in teams and prepare them for competition. They will be gaining experience of racing. Points are scored for any improvements gained and are aggregated for the purpose of making periodic and annual awards. The competition is open to all members of the club.

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