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Our Club encourages all swimmers to participate in external meets.  Entries are collected via the Swimming Events website, which can be accessed using the link below.  To use the website, you will need to create an account for your swimmer(s) to enable you to access the gala entry system.  Sign-up is easy, as is the entry and payment process - a full guide is available from the link below.

The Swimming Events fee has two components: the fee set by the organizer for each event and a booking fee of £5.00 per swimmer to cover Coach passes and Swimming Events processing fees.  Please note that the booking fee is charged per transaction, so it is advised to include all events in one transaction to avoid extra charges.

Swimming Results official time (https://www.swimmingresults.org/) should be used for all meets.  However, for some level 3 meets, unofficial time entry is allowed to encourage young swimmers with limited or no competition experience.  If you plan to use an unofficial time, please consult with the Head Coach.  The Club verifies all entry times before submitting them to the organizer.  If the entry time does not reflect the swimmer's ability, the Club has the right to reject the entry.

We have made every effort to ensure that the Swimming Events website accurately reflects the meet conditions and program.  Nevertheless, please check the meet conditions document for session schedules and qualification times, and let the Club know immediately if there are any discrepancies.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Parents can withdraw their child's entry on Swimming Events before the Swimming Events closing date, and the refund will be processed automatically.  However, if a withdrawal is needed after the Swimming Events closing date, but before the official organizer closing date, please consult with the Head Coach and notify the Club immediately.  We will do our utmost to facilitate the refund, but it may take some time (weeks, even months) if the Club's entries and payment have already been submitted.  Please be aware that most organizers will only process refunds after the meet has taken place.

After the official closing date, any withdrawals must be approved by the Head Coach, and no refunds will be approved unless it is due to illness or injury.  Withdrawals should only be considered in exceptional circumstances, including illness, injury, school commitment or unforeseen circumstances that could not be planned around.  If you enter an event, you are committing to swim it.

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