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Welcome to our lost property page where you will find details of any lost property handed in to the Club.  In the past the Club has amassed large amounts of lost property that we are unable to store indefinitely.  To avoid this in the future, all lost property items are posted on this page for one month, after which time any unclaimed items will be disposed of.

Any named items will be returned to the swimmer - please name your kit!

Items Awaiting Collection

Last updated 20 January 2020
Lost property is available for collection from the Club desk, in Altrincham Leisure Centre, on Sunday afternoons.

Date for DisposalItem Details
20 February 2020 Black fabric bag

LP bag black

20 February 2020  Orange goggles

LP goggles orange

20 February 2020  Black goggles

LP goggles black

20 February 2020  Black and grey goggles

LP goggles black and grey

20 February 2020  Sports Abroad Hat

LP hat sports abroad

20 February 2020  "Fitness" Hat

LP hat fitness

20 February 2020  "Calella" Hat (there are two of these!)

LP hat Calella

20 February 2020  "British Gas Swim Britain" Hat

LP hat swim britain

17 February 2020 Bronze Medal - left in the changing rooms after Pointscore on the 12th January.


31 January 2020 Hoodie - size/age 14-15


31 January 2020 Blue Goggles 


Discuss Lost Property

Lost Property - Contact
Feel free to contact us to discuss lost property

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