Gala infomation and explanations for all swimmers and parents

For those of you who are new to the club hopefully the following will shed some light in terms of the various galas which our swimmers compete in.


Pointscore – this is a competition run by the club and we encourage all swimmers to attend. This takes place six times per year and the swimmers are competing against their own times to earn points dictated by how much they have improved against their own times. Training does not  take place when Pointscore is taking place. But D1 training may sometimes still be  please look for emails and latest news section. Swimmers names must be added to a list on the desk on Sundays by 1 week before.


Club Championships – again this is a competition run by the club for club swimmers and we would encourage all swimmers to participate in the sprint championships in November. The middle and long distance championships which take place in June and July may not be appropriate for some of our younger swimmers so in relation to those we would recommend you speak to your swimmer’s coach (it’s always worth having a word with them generally as they are best placed to give you a steer on what they think is appropriate for your child’s stage of development and they will be more than happy to help.


The club competes in three external team competitions (Trafford series (age at 31/12), M&D teams (age at 30/9) and Arena league(age at 31/12)). We field boys and girls teams in different age groups. Selection for these teams is at the coaches discretion so competing at Pointscore and other galas helps with team selection as the coaches will then have visibility of times. Our Head Coach picks the teams and a notification is sent out via email if you have been selected. If you do receive a notification it’s a massive help if you can accept (or decline) as soon as possible. There is no entry fee payable by individual swimmers for these galas. 


Swimmers can compete in external galas as individuals. This is one for swimmers to decide and your coach will be more than happy to give you some guidance of whether they think entering a gala, or a particular gala is suitable. As a club we will encourage swimmers to enter certain external galas and we provide either a coach or parent on poolside. When entering individual galas they need to be ASA category 2 members – our new members generally enrol as ASA category 1 members which means they can swim in internal club competitions and the team galas we enter but they need to upgrade to category 2 once they decide to enter external individual galas. Once your swimmer starts entering external licensed individual galas their times from those galas will appear on the ASA website.


All of our officials and helpers  provide their services on a voluntary basis. The club is run entirely by volunteers so if you are interested in getting involved do let Mark know- don't wait to be asked.


If you have any queries about galas generally please see the desk any Sunday.