Young Volunteer Award

The Young Volunteer Award has been designed to provide young Swim England Members with the opportunity to improve their knowledge, skills and experiences within our Aquatic Sports, the course will allow Young Volunteers (YVs) to gain experience in a variety of volunteering roles within their Club. The evidence from this can then be used to enhance their CV’s and support University, Job or Apprenticeship applications.

The Award process will begin with YV’s registering online via the Swim England North West Website for an Introductory Day of their choice.

During the Introductory Day, YV’s will complete:
- An Introduction into Volunteering and Coaching in Aquatic Sport
- Young Aquatic Helper
- Keeping Safe in Sport – Safeguarding for Young Volunteers (13+) Qualifications

The 2020 Award has been affected by the Coronavirus pandamic but, hopefully, the Award will be offered again in 2021.

During the Introduction Day, all attendees will be presented with a Workbook to evidence their progression as they complete their Young Volunteer Award, along with a T-Shirt which YV’s are expected to wear during all practical sessions.  YV’s are required to complete an officiating qualification of their choice (where possible), choosing from the courses listed within their workbook. Altrincham Swimming Club will support the YV’s by ensuring they are given the opportunity to successfully complete the qualification(s) they choose within the 12 month time frame. (YV’s will only be expected to achieve one of the qualifications/experiences listed, however should they wish to achieve more than one they are encouraged to do so).

As part of the Young Volunteer Award, YV’s are required to complete 4 separate shadowing sessions with a Coach and 3 separate shadowing sessions with a Committee member or Official.  

Swim England North West has been endorsed by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award as a (DofE) centre, which means that as an organisation, we are able to offer opportunities for the Volunteering, Physical and Skills Sections of the DofE Awards. (Any person wishing to complete their DofE Award will be required to seek an alternative centre that can offer the Expedition Section of their Award). Many students are fortunate enough to be able to take part in the DofE Award through their Secondary School, however, others may not be in a position to take part due to their school not participating. There is a way you can still take part in this exciting opportunity, please contact Swim England North West for further information. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Shortly after the Introduction Day, YV’s will receive an email which will include links to online work, which, once completed should be clearly marked off in their workbooks.

Upon completion of their workbook, YV’s must return all work to the Swim England North West Regional Office via post where the final evidence tables for completed online work (Unit’s 3 and 5) can be signed off accordingly by our office staff. Additional pages of evidence tables can be found at the rear of the workbook allowing YV’s to continue building evidence towards their DofE Award. Once the workbook has been approved by Swim England North West, it will be returned to the YV through the post as evidence of their volunteering work, along with any required certificates and copies of the online work they have submitted.

YV’s must ensure they advise Altrincham Swimming Club when they register onto the Young Volunteer Award in order to assist with the organisation of shadowing sessions and volunteering course(s) they wish to pursue.

YV’s will have 12 months from the date of their Introductory Day to complete the workbook and any online  activities.

Parent and YV Guidance Sheet


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